Paul is devastated when his boyfriend Enzo turns up and tells him that he thinks they should end their relationship. Paul is clearly gutted but puts on a brave face and insists that Enzo still meet his family. The evening with the Blackstocks' ends in disaster when a drunken Rodney comments that he doesn’t want "promiscuous faggots" sharing a bed under his roof. Paul storms out in disgrace and Nicola isn’t far behind, leaving Rodney feeling angry and self-righteous. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Sadie’s marital problems continue as Jimmy ignores his wife's phone calls. Sadie confides in Zoe that Jimmy didn’t return home last night and tells her that the root of the problem is that she doesn’t want to have kids. Later on, Tom tells Jimmy that he can stay at Holdgate Farm until he and Sadie sort things out. However, Sadie arrives to talk to her husband but is devastated when Tom and Charity tell her that she should give Jimmy some space.


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