Diane finds Val in tears and is shocked to hear that Gianni has left her following a row. Diane offers a sympathetic ear and boosts her sister by telling her that she is delighted to have her home. Later on Paul tells Diane he saw Val handing Gianni cash before he left and they both become suspicious. Val is tricked into admitting that she paid Gianni to be her boyfriend because she wanted to fake their separation in order to make Diane feel sorry for her and offer her a place to live. How will Diane react to her sister's latest deception? Elsewhere, the police arrive to do a security check at Jacobs Fold but their presence does nothing to calm Len down and he remains adamant that he and Pearl are leaving. Meanwhile, as Scott says goodbye to his conquest from the night before, Dawn coolly claims that she doesn’t mind him having overnight guests. Later on Dawn gets her own back on Scott by leaving him to baby-sit while she goes on a date with Greg, a driver for the Kings. Despite finding Greg completely dull, she later tells Scott that the night was a success.


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