Donna and Marlon organise a family dinner with the intention of telling the Hopes about their relationship. With Viv and Bob at loggerheads, the night is a disaster before it has even begun and when Viv hears that her daughter is seeing a Dingle she is openly outraged. Embarrassed by his wife's behaviour, Bob stands up for Marlon and before long they have a furious row culminating in them stating that their marriage is over. Elsewhere, Pearl confesses to Edna that she is having doubts about leaving the village. Edna tries to convince her friend to talk to Len but Pearl claims she can’t after what she put him through with Frank. Meanwhile, Rodney offers to buy the factory from Eric but he is adamant that everything will be fine and that it is not for sale. Diane realises it is all bravado and that Eric is genuinely in trouble.


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