Sadie steps up her manipulation after Jimmy points out that Tom will only stop the wedding if she can provide concrete evidence that Charity is having an affair. Taking her husband's words on board, Sadie pressures a horrified Robert to help her convince Tom of his fiancée's infidelity by meeting Charity at the gym. Robert refuses to play dirty, but when Sadie threatens to reveal details of their fling to Katie will Robert agree? Elsewhere, Daz fails to get Andy to agree to visit their Dad in prison and confronts him about his relationship with Debbie. Andy denies that he is still seeing her but how much longer can they keep their affair quiet? Later on, Debbie is horrified to discover that Cain and Daz have been breaking into houses and is shocked when Cain reveals he is still £4,000 short on the money he owes. Debbie confides in Andy about what has been going on, but how will he react when he discovers that his younger brother has been involved?


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