Tom’s jealousy continues to get the better of him when he refuses to allow Dean to drive Charity to the gym, insisting on taking her himself. Sadie is delighted that Tom will be present to see Robert and Charity together. However, at the last minute Robert loses his nerve, leaving Sadie's plans in ruins. Feeling used, Robert ends the affair with Sadie and rushes home to tell Katie how much he loves her. Meanwhile, Sadie refuses to give up on bringing Charity down. Meanwhile, Andy is fed up of sneaking around and he suggests to Debbie that they come clean about their relationship. Debbie compromises by telling Charity but is shocked by her mother's reaction. Elsewhere, Val suggests to Diane that they go on a two-day shopping trip to Leeds. Despite Jack’s objections, Diane agrees and Val is thrilled when Rodney offers to fund the trip.


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