It's Christmas morning and Viv is desperate to convince everyone that she has been inundated with offers to spend the day. As the reality of being alone hits home, Viv decides to invite herself to join the Dingles' celebrations and despite their initial discomfort they welcome her with open arms. Before long Viv drowns her sorrows and after one too many becomes the life and soul of the party as she treats everyone to her vocal talents. Over at Home Farm, the Kings join forces with the Tates but Sadie seems to have forgotten that it is the season of goodwill and her manipulation of Charity continues. Charity and Zoe share an emotional moment when Zoe explains that she knows Charity played no part in Chris’s death. Sadie gets a glimpse of this and feels that she should mention to Tom that Charity and Zoe have a history together. How will Tom react to the news that his fiancée had a fling with her ex-husband's sister? Meanwhile, Lesley is full of Christmas cheer, unperturbed by the fact that Rodney spends the day fending off her advances. When Eric turns up with Val, Rodney sits Lesley next to him hoping to divert her affections, but with Lesley's sights set firmly on Rodney will he be able to resist for much longer?


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  • This special Christmas Day episode was broadcast at the slightly earlier time of 6.55pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,765,000 viewers (26th place).

Memorable dialogueEdit

Lisa Dingle: "I will find out where that pudding is if I have to stuff every one of you in turn. We'll start with Donna."
Donna Windsor: "I got it from the shop and gave it to Marlon."
Marlon Dingle: "To hand on to Zak."
Zak Dingle: "I gave to our Chas."
Chas Dingle: "Yeah, and I gave to Debs."
Debbie Dingle: "So I gave it to my dad."
Cain Dingle: "Bog off."
Dingles: "Cain!"
Cain Dingle: "Oh, all right, I gave it to Sam."
Sam Dingle: "And then, for me to give to him."
Shadrach Dingle: "Yeah, that's what he did, and I ate it."
Lisa Dingle: "So, no one of you have any idea where..." (to Shadrach) "What did you say?!"
Shadrach Dingle: (to Sam) "Did I just say I ate it?"
Sam Dingle: "'Fraid so."

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