Sadie’s plan is finally put into action when Cain meets up with Charity at a hotel. As cunningly arranged by Sadie, Carl and Chloe are in the right place at the right time and see the pair together. Chloe's imagination goes into overdrive and she clearly can’t wait to spread the news. However, Carl isn’t convinced that everything is as it seems and forbids Chloe from saying anything to his father. Meanwhile, Debbie tells Andy that she thinks they should inform Zak of their relationship as she is certain that he will know how to handle Cain. Over at the vicarage, Ashley is delighted when he takes a call from Laurel. Ethan can’t help but think about his ex-fiancée, Niamh, and is upset when his attempts to get hold of her fail. Ethan decides to go away for a couple of days but unknown to him, Niamh is on her way to pay him a surprise visit. Alice tells Sam she'll soon be returning to her father's chicken farm before it's sold.


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