Zak insists that Debbie move to Dingles' Homestead as he wants to keep her away from Andy. With no choice but to agree, Debbie is forced to lie to her father about why she is moving away from him. Meanwhile, Tom is frustrated when Charity is late for their wedding meeting and fails to believe her explanation that she was with Debbie. As he becomes increasingly suspicious of her behaviour, Sadie reassures him that he’ll soon find out what Charity is up to one way or another. Later that day, Sadie meets up with Cain and tells him that she needs him to seduce Charity in order for the Private Investigator to obtain photographic evidence of them together. Cain knows it won’t be easy, but unable to refuse the cash he assures her he’ll do his best. Paddy tells Alice she'll be in for a good-sized amount of money after she sells her father's farm. After his car breaks down, even a lift from the police can't get Ethan back in time to see Niamh before she leaves for the airport. He begins to believe fate is working against him.


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