Cain goes to the Dingles' for tea and insists that Andy and Daz go with him. Andy is clearly uncomfortable and as the atmosphere becomes increasingly tense, Cain demands to know what is going on. Unable to live with the lies any longer, Andy bites the bullet and confesses to Cain that he has been sleeping with his daughter. A demented Cain lays into Andy and despite Zak’s best attempt to hold his son back, Cain breaks free and brutally beats a defenceless Andy. As Cain becomes uncontrollable with rage the Dingles have little choice but to drag him into the barn and lock the door until he calms down. Meanwhile, Charity is out with Tom when she gets a frantic call from Lisa and immediately rushes off. Tom is suspicious as ever, but when she returns and explains what has happened he reassures her that everything will be all right.


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