Debbie tells Chas that Zak has taken her mobile away. She begs her to cover for her while she sneaks off and uses the phone box. Chas refuses to help her. Debbie gets her chance to speak to Andy when she is in the shop with Lisa and he comes in. Lisa tries to get Debbie to leave but Andy says that he needs to speak to Debbie. He tells her that it's over between them and tells her that it's not just about them and he has Daz to think about. Debbie is devastated as Andy walks away. Andy returns to the farm and breaks down. As the Kings join the hunt at Home Farm, Sadie calls Cain and tells him that Charity is alone at Holdgate Farm. It looks as if Cain is going to be out of luck again when Ashley turns up just as he is about to go to the door. Once Ashley has gone, Cain goes to the door and tells Charity that he thinks he's blown it with Debbie. Cain attempts to make Charity feel sorry for him and then he attempts to kiss her. Charity is furious and warns him to back off. Sadie's photographer is on hand to take a photo. Sadie is delighted when she hears the news. When Cain meets up with her Sadie toys with him and moves in as if she's going to kiss him but just gives him a fifty-pound note and tells him not to spend it all at once. Sadie returns triumphantly to the post hunt dinner party and proposes a toast to Tom and Charity, wishing them a long and happy future together. Jimmy is dismayed by his wife's callousness because she has already hinted to him that she has evidence that Charity is having an affair behind Tom's back.


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