Jimmy is alarmed when Sadie shows him the pictures of Charity and Cain kissing and he insists that there must be an innocent explanation. Jimmy sets off to get the truth from Cain but when Zak tells him that he has gone away, Jimmy is left pleading with his wife not to spoil his father's big day. Meanwhile, Tom is thrilled when his youngest son Max arrives in the village. Despite having his girlfriend, Amy on his arm, Max is clearly a free spirit and his cheerful smile is a sure sign that he will cause a stir amongst the local ladies. Over at the B&B, Carl introduces his Aunt Phyllis to Bob and Terry and they welcome her with open arms. However, before long she proves a nuisance as she complains about everything imaginable. With the wedding preparations in place Charity looks forward to her impending nuptials, but with Sadie set to sabotage the biggest day of her life will the wedding day go without a hitch?


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