The mystery arsonist strikes at Parker's Field, however this time, a fireman is severely burnt fighting the blase. Amos believes tourists are to blame and drives away The Woolpack's customers. Meanwhile, Ted recruits Joe for the fire service whilst David comforts Frank following his father's death.


A firetruck drives though a paddock at Parker's Farm to reach the barn ablaze. Alan is instructed by Ted to grab a ceiling hook. Amos tells Matt and Joe that he wants to catch the arsonist who has caused three fires in the past week. Alan is trying to move the hay bales when they all come tumbling down on him, knocking him unconscious and giving him burns. The other firefighters quickly move him away. Matt narrowly avoids an accident in the tractor with a speeding car. Amos interviews Ted as the ambulance arrives for Alan. Annie arrives at the Vicarage to see David. David tells Annie that she did a good job with making an ill Mr Armitage feel comfortable in his last weeks. They worry about his son Frank. They talk about the 50th anniversary of the Beckindale Volunteer Fire Service and Annie tells the story of how it was started back in December 1927. Amos loses his patience in front of the tourists in The Woolpack. They leave furiously and Henry is furious. Ted visits Emmerdale Farm and asks Joe if he would like to volunteer for the fire service. Amos is in a mood and he snaps at Dolly. Joe tries to find a reason to not join the fire service. Joe gives in eventually. Amos is rude towards Dolly again and Dolly acts sour towards him. Frank visits David and David comforts him. Henry vents to Annie about Amos. Ted shows Joe around the station. Joe is called out on an emergency callout and is forced to cancel on David. David invites Dolly to a concert, Dolly isn't sure but David keeps trying to talk her into it.


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Henry Wilks: "If we get any more customers I have no doubt you'll get rid of 'em."

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