Alan is shocked when he receives a call from the producer of the daytime TV show This Morning inviting him onto the programme to talk about recent events. Alan refuses, as he doesn’t feel he is up to it, before heading off to visit Steph. Alan is initially determined not to be taken in by his sobbing daughter, but after spending some time with her he begins to believe that she may be telling the truth. Alan is desperate to do the best he can for Shelley and he therefore decides that he will make an appeal on This Morning, hoping that it will help him find the woman he loves. Meanwhile, Pearl is still against the idea of leaving the village but hasn’t had the heart to tell Len. When Edna complains about Jarvis parking a ‘beaten up’ old car outside her house, Pearl seizes an opportunity and insists he can park it outside Jacob’s Fold. Edna instantly guesses that this is to put off potential house buyers. Elsewhere, Chas gets a flat tyre and is grateful when a policeman pulls up and offers to help her change it. PC Calburn later has a drink in The Woolpack with his colleagues and Chas enjoys flirting with the hero of the moment.


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