There is a showdown in The Woolpack between the Kings and the Dingles when Cain shows his face for the first time since Tom and Charity’s wedding. Charity demands that Cain tell Tom the truth behind the photos of them kissing, but when he has the audacity to deny everything, an enraged Charity launches herself at him, leaving Zak and Matthew with little choice but to intervene. Later on, Debbie is torn between her mother and her father as Cain desperately pleads his innocence. Alan receives information about another sighting of Shelley but is reluctant to get his hopes up as he fears it may be a hoax. The police later warn Alan that the TV appeal could have damaged the case against Steph leaving him utterly deflated. Elsewhere, Pearl is devastated when she hears that Tom has put an offer in for the house and the realization sinks in that her days in the village could be numbered. Denzel and a reluctant PC Johnson let Chas ride in the back of the police car, only to have her hurriedly hide when their boss walks by. Paul teases Chas about being with a cop considering her family, but she says she's never based her relationships on them. Eric learns of the high price he'll pay if his trading standards case goes the wrong way.


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