Charity is about to pay for her groceries in Viv’s shop, but noting Jimmy’s presence she pretends she has forgotten her purse and is pleased when he offers to lend her the money. Charity later goes to Home Farm to thank Jimmy, but her sexy attire suggests that she has got more than money on her mind. Jimmy is unable to resist the former prostitute's seductive manner and before long they are kissing passionately on the sofa. They are interrupted when Jimmy receives a phone call, but Charity is determined that this is just the beginning. Over in The Woolpack, the villagers give Shelley a warm welcome, delighted to see her fit and well. It's only Pearl who expresses her disapproval as she questions Shelley about how she could be so cruel as to let Alan believe her to be dead. Ethan interrupts when he comes into the pub announcing that Steph is due to be released the following day.


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