Max begins his job at the vets. Paddy introduces him to the new receptionist - Libby. Max is up for a kiss or two when he asks Libby out for a drink after work. Meanwhile, Eric is going to court for his trading standards case. Val is on tenterhooks waiting for Eric and she admits to Diane that she's not sure if he's coming back. Diane is surprised by Val's reaction, but her sister tells her that Eric is misunderstood. Eric waltzes into the pub a free man after Steph took all the blame in the handbag scandal and was given a conditional discharge. Val is delighted and is rewarded with a kiss. Charity gets ready for her meeting with Jimmy in the hotel. As she leaves, Chas tells her to be careful. Jimmy is getting his excuses in as he prepares for his afternoon with Charity. But he doesn’t manage to get his story straight – he tells Matthew that he's gone to Leeds for a meeting. But when Matthew sees Callum in the pub he tells him that Jimmy has gone to play golf in Manchester. Charity and Jimmy are enjoying themselves in the hotel and it doesn’t take long for Charity to get Jimmy talking. He calls Tom a ‘sanctimonious old git’ while he also admits that the Kings played a part in the death of Paul Marsden once Charity admits that Sadie had already told her about it. He goes on to say how unhappy he is with Sadie and her deception over wanting to have children. But Charity reassures him that Tom will eventually see what she's like. She sends Jimmy off to get some beer and while he's gone she walks over to a camcorder that she has set up recording the whole afternoon.


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