Charity is triumphant, having got the evidence she needed on video tape. After making several copies she heads into the pub with one in her bag. Chas is shocked when her cousin asks her to look after the tape and demands that Charity tell her exactly what is going on. Chas is alarmed to hear the contents of the videotape and is clearly worried when Charity announces that she intends to blackmail an unsuspecting Jimmy the following day. Elsewhere, Steph inappropriately interrupts a meeting between Ethan and a grieving widow. Her offer of cake goes down like a lead balloon and Ethan is furious as the devastated woman rushes out in tears. Louise and Terry return home from their trip to Scotland more in love than ever. When Louise later offers to help Terry out at the B&B, they decide that they are a good team and agree that they are serious about one another.


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