Jimmy gives Charity the first installment of money but she is unimpressed not to receive the full amount. Jimmy insists he has cleared out his savings account but Charity is in no mood for excuses. Sadie returns from her travels, which only makes matters worse for Jimmy. Charity later bumps into her rival and takes delight in making it clear that she is only hanging around in the village until Sadie gets the comeuppance that she deserves. In The Woolpack, Jimmy has to try and shut Sadie up as Charity has words with Tom. Meanwhile, Eric goes to a jumble sale and meets up with Glynis. Diane winds Val up by telling her how Glynis played a part in the breakdown of Eric's marriage and warns her that if she and Eric are more than ‘just good friends’ she may have serious competition. Elsewhere, Bishop George makes his disapproval known to Ashley but the vicar tries to remain optimistic and convinces a worried Laurel that they will marry regardless.


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