Annie pushes Jack to make decisions regarding the farm. Meanwhile, Joe takes Marian on a fishing trip, bringing the two closer together.


Jack tells Joe that Peggy's pregnant. Annie asks Jack to make some decisions about the farm. Jack receives two letters in the post - one is from Henry's solicitor arranging a meeting to discuss the right of way, the other from London. Marian arrives at the farm to speak to Joe, she's fascinated with the kitchen. Jack tells Peggy that he intends to restore the old millhouse and divide up the farm. Jack goes for a walk and chats to a few village elders whose conversation gives him food for thought. Peggy nags Matt to apply for an unskilled factory job in Bradford as she is worried about their future. Joe gives Marian her first fishing lesson and she accidentally breaks Matt's rod. They go for a drink in The Woolpack where they run into Jack. Joe mentions that Annie wants a word with him about replacing the hens. Jack says if it was left to him they would not be replaced as he doesn't believe in imprisoning animals.


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