It's business as usual for Emily who is determined to behave as though her husband's affair never happened. A guilt-ridden Viv demands that Emily punch her in the face for revenge, but Emily calmly responds that she has no right to tell her what to do. Despite her composed demeanour, Emily confides in Paul and breaks down as she tells him that she can’t stop thinking about the betrayal. She returns home, only to find Paddy and Viv discussing what has happened and, despite her instinct to flip, she disappears up to bed, leaving the shamed couple feeling worse than ever. Meanwhile, Donna incorrectly assumes that Viv and Bob are back together and goes to see her step-father to find out what's going on. Val and Bob are busy practicing their world record attempt and not wanting Donna to interrupt, he shouts out that he is with a woman. Donna takes this as confirmation that he is with Viv and later ignores Marlon’s protestations that she is wrong.


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