A furious Emily packs Paddy's bags before storming over to The Woolpack. The punters look on in shock as Emily dumps the suitcases at her husband's feet and announces that he has been sleeping with the postmistress. When Viv is unable to deny the affair, Bob punches Paddy. Zak gets Paddy to his feet, but punches him as well, saying that that was for Butch. Nicola has a go at Viv and then hits Paddy with her handbag. When Marlon gets Paddy back to his feet, Scott says that Paddy disgusts him. Donna discovers that Marlon knew about it. Later, outside Smithy Cottage, Emily tells Paddy that their marriage was failed along time ago and their marriage didn't fail because of Viv. Emily tells Paddy that they were good friends but there was never any passion or romance. She tells Paddy she loves him but that she doesn't fancy him. Emily says that they should never have got married in the first place and that Paddy knows it as well as she does. Emily tells Paddy that the marriage is over.


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