Matthew’s sights are set firmly on Louise and despite the obvious chemistry between them she continues to reject his advances. With Terry away, Matthew tries a new approach and he openly tells the barmaid that he is crazy about her. Louise insists that she is attached, but the handsome King tells her that it’s dinner at his tomorrow night or nothing. Elsewhere, Zak does his best to cheer a miserable Emily and invites her to have tea at the Dingles’. She gratefully accepts his offer but later shocks him when she announces that it's over between her and Paddy because he will always come second to her late husband, Butch. Over at the veterinary surgery, Paddy struggles to carry on as usual and when he overhears Tamsin and Libby gossiping about him. He warns Libby that he will sack her if he hears a peep out of her again.


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