Louise struggles to suppress her desire as Matthew openly plans their dinner together. In a desperate attempt to remain loyal to Terry, she tells Matthew he's a walking cliché and to leave her alone. Later, Louise is consumed by lust. After telling Bob that she's going for a walk, she finds herself at Matthew's door. A delighted Matthew reaches to help her out of her coat and before long they are wrapped up in a passionate clinch. Afterwards, an extremely pleased Matthew pours two glasses of champagne but Louise leaves telling him that it was a one off and will never happen again. Elsewhere, Andy, Robert and Victoria anxiously wait for their parents to return home and are thrilled when Jack and Diane arrive with news that Diane has been given the all clear. Jack proposes a celebration, but soon regrets it when his wife plans a long shopping trip funded by him!


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Jimmy King: "Oh look it's the local dosser."
Cain Dingle: "Beats being the village idiot."


Paddy Kirk: (drunkenly) "Bob, same again."
Bob Hope: "You're drunk."
Paddy Kirk: (drunkenly) "That's the least of my worries. Come on."
Bob Hope: "Out."
Paddy Kirk: (drunkenly) "Come on, no hard feelings. Even though you did punch me in the face."
Bob Hope: "Yeah, and you deserved it."
Paddy Kirk: (drunkenly) "Why, though? Wiv's not even your vife anymore, so there's no need for you to get embroiled, is there?"

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