Sadie is horrified when Denzel questions her about the robbery at Pear Tree Cottage and hints that Cain may have exceeded his brief. On the warpath, Sadie confronts Cain and he reluctantly admits that he stole Jimmy’s laptop. Despite her initial fury, all is forgiven when Sadie realises that this is exactly what she needs to get her claws on the Kings’ cash. Over in The Woolpack, Rodney is delighted as he catches Zak and Shadrach ordering two pints, but they astonish everyone by ordering two pints of water! Meanwhile, Louise is put on the spot during a drunken game of ‘sex or death’ when Paul asks her about Matthew. Louise lies that she would rather die than sleep with him but despite her apparent objection, Matthew proves popular with the others and he is later smug when Val tells him that he is the most eligible bachelor in the village.


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