When Andy confronts Robert at the garage about his affair with Sadie a brutal fight breaks out between the brothers. Alerted by Daz, Katie rushes to the scene and is devastated to learn the reason behind the punch-up. Despite Robert's desperate denial of the affair, she struggles to believe him. When Jack comes across his boys fighting once again, he demands to know what is going on. Robert once again denies the allegation, persuading Jack that Andy is just trying to poison Katie's mind. Meanwhile, a distraught Katie decides to confront Sadie. The Woolpack regulars, including a stunned King family watch as Katie pours a drink over Sadie who retaliates with a firm slap across the face. Angry at Katie's behaviour, Tom sacks her on the spot. Being sacked is the least of Katie's worries as she heads to Andy's house to seek comfort. Elsewhere, Paddy moves into Home Farm.


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