After spending the night at Andy’s, Katie is in turmoil. Throughout the day, both Andy and Robert separately pay her a visit and beg her to give them another chance. Cornered and confused, Katie heads home only to run into Jack who berates her for tearing his family apart. Tired of the arguments, Katie decides to leave the village. Elsewhere, Tom is worried that Sadie is wrecking his planned development and pays her a surprise visit. He offers her a cheque as payment for the land but Sadie knows she holds all the cards. Over at the vet's surgery, it's Zoe’s first day back. She attempts to cheer Paddy up but her efforts are thwarted when he declines her offer of lunch at The Woolpack. She later catches Paddy looking at jobs abroad and hints that it's something she has considered herself. Meanwhile, Edna creates a fuss when she refuses to allow Paddy to treat her dog.


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