Debbie is in the hospital after giving birth to a baby girl. She looks over at her sleeping baby. In the waiting area Zak tells Lisa that he will never forget the look on Debbie's face. Zak takes the baby from the hospital and heads back to the house. When Zak breaks the news to Cain that the baby is his granddaughter, Cain takes the news badly - insists he's scared but not angry and rushes out. Paul arrives at Smithy Cottage with a box of chocolates for Emily. He tells Emily that his gig didn't go well but Dr Forsythe gave him a lift. Paddy enters and gives Emily a letter that was posted next door and explains that Marlon slept in The Woolpack. Emily tells Paddy that she is glad she ran after Daz and tells Paul that Paddy asked her back and that she is very glad she came home early the night before. Libby tells Andy that she can't be bothered to show Bobby round the stables and that she just wants to go back to bed.


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