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*First appearance of [[Delilah Dingle]].
*First appearance of [[Delilah Dingle]].{{July 2005}}[[Category:2005 episodes]]
[[Category:2005 episodes]]
[[Category:Emmerdale episodes]]
[[Category:Emmerdale episodes]]

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The Dingles are gobsmacked by the arrival of Delilah in a wedding dress. Despite their joy at seeing a car boot full of wedding presents, it’s clear there is more to Delilah’s story than meets the eye. Cain and Sadie meet in the B&B for a passionate liaison. After much teasing, Cain tells Sadie it was he who killed Damon. Matthew sees Cain leaving the B&B and goes inside to find a devastated Sadie. He offers comfort and the pair share a kiss as it becomes apparent that there is a history between them. However, Sadie pulls away and asks Matthew to leave. Elsewhere, Jack seeks advice from Eric about the Kings application for a Compulsory Purchase order and his suspicions that Sadie is bribing Councillor Ledbetter for it. Also, Eric questions Sadie, who is unwilling to give him any facts but suggests he may be able to help her. Eric cleverly confirms his suspicions of bribery to Jack.


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