Jasmine lets Laurel down again by not going to the airport to meet her dad. Ashley patronises Laurel about being a parent and she reveals to him that she wants them to have children of their own but by the time the Bishop finally comes round it may be too late. She asks him if she’ll miss out on the chance of having a baby so she can stay with him. Ashley is defeated. Meanwhile, Zoe has allowed Viv to see Jean on the condition that she comes alone and accompanied by Callum. Viv desperately tries to get rid of Callum to enable Scott to have five minutes with Jean. Suspicious Callum tells Viv her time's up and he's just lifting Jean out of her chair when Scott arrives. Callum pushes past Scott and leaves. Scott is upset and when Viv goes to comfort him he angrily shrugs her off. Callum arrives back at Home Farm and tells Zoe about Scott turning up. At the B&B, Steph welcomes Adam as a permanent lodger and in return he offers to help her with the decorating.


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