Amos complains to Dolly about how the whole village seems to be obsessed with the play. Up at Emmerdale Farm, Joe is repairing the drive when a young man, Richard Roper, drives past in a car, stops a bit down the road, then comes up. He tells Joe that he's merely looking around then drives off again as Henry arrives. Joe tells him that Richard has been driving past the farm several times and Henry replies that he's seen him in the village too. They can't work out what sort of person he is, partly because he's driving such a flash car. Henry and Joe then go in for tea as Richard drives past yet again. Richard's reasons for being in Beckindale are revealed that evening in The Woolpack where he confronts Dolly. He tells her he's come back to get her and this time they'll stay together. Dolly is aghast.


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