Feeling rejected, Louise takes out her anger on Dawn, but she soon realises that it's Matthew who should be bearing the brunt of her bad mood. She storms round to his office, but when he refuses to seem even vaguely bothered by her mood she takes things one step further by going to his home and hacking up his suits with a pair of scissors. Matthew later confronts Louise and locks her in the ladies’ toilets. Remembering the suffering that her ex-fiancé caused her, Louise is terrified and agrees to stay away from him. Elsewhere, Donna is feeling rejected by Marlon and starts to wonder if she is good enough for him. However, when Kelly tells her that she could never replace Tricia, her insecurities deepen. She begs Marlon for time alone and he eventually agrees to a picnic. Meanwhile, Kelly quizzes Laurel about Ethan’s single status and is delighted to find out that he is unattached. Laurel decides she likes the thought of Kelly and Ethan together.


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