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Tony Christie isn't Diane's only blast from the past in Toon. At the hotel Diane confesses to Paul that she once had a fling with Tony Christie. Diane makes Paul swear to secrecy. Later that evening Viv attempts to chat Tony Christie up but miserably fails when he notices Diane across the room. They have a brief catch up then he has to rush off to start his concert during which he dedicates a song to her. After the concert Diane literally bumps into Jimmy Pepper, Val's ex. He and Paul have a brief conversation resulting in Jimmy Pepper finding out the truth - he isn't Paul's father. A double proposal leads to drunken decisions in Newcastle. Donna and Marlon are trying to build up the courage to tell everyone of their engagement, they decide to get a bit tipsy before they spread the news. Viv and Bob are still wrapped up in their celebrations of the cooking competition, even if they did come third. Avril isn't impressed with Viv's attempts of winning back her man. To make this clear, Avril throws herself on Bob at any given chance. When in the concert, Viv can't take anymore and jumps on Avril resulting in a cat fight. During the fight Viv confesses her love for Bob and as Bob and Marlon drag the women off each other, Avril runs off, quickly followed by Bob. Viv believes she's ruined her chance. However Bob and Avril split up on good terms and Bob heads into find Viv and he tells her straight that she is the only woman for him and proposes. She accepts straight away and to top it off they win a trip to Barbados in the raffle. Marlon and Donna finally break the news of their engagement at the same time as Viv and Bob. The rest of the evening is spent toasting the happy couples and much to Bob and Marlon's dismay discussing double weddings.


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  • Newcastle streets
  • Unknown hotel - Bar, Marlon & Donna's room and Bob & Avril's room


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