A drunken Louise is increasingly wound up by Matthew’s presence in the pub and she blurts out that she's not going to be intimidated and almost reveals that she killed Ray Mullan. Diane manages to calm her down, but not before Louise broadcasts her suspicions about Sadie and Matthew. That evening, Louise is alone and Matthew creeps up and grabs her. She is terrified as he warns her never to talk about him or his family again. Meanwhile, Tom is displeased of his son's behaviour and doesn’t buy it for a second when Matthew tells him that it was Jimmy’s idea to sell the haulage firm. Elsewhere, Val knows that she stands a good chance of winning the mystery voice competition on Hotten FM, but is gutted when Louise - already frightened of Matthew - cuts off her call to the radio station. The DJ announces later announces that Frank Skinner was the mystery voice and Val is devastated as she had the right answer all along.


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