Eric returns to Emmerdale and is shocked to discover that Val has been mugged. She convinces him she's alright and before long they head upstairs for a steamy session. They are interrupted by a knock on the door and Val is horrified to find a bailiff officer on her doorstep. Meanwhile, Tom struggles to get in a taxi with his crutches and Terry rushes over and offers his assistance. They later return to the office and Tom brags to Carl that he managed to secure a better deal with Don Clough than Jimmy had agreed. Tom takes Terry aside and offers him a job. Terry agrees on the basis that he will take orders from Tom but not from any of his sons. Elsewhere, Laurel is confused when Jasmine receives a parcel from her Grandpa Thomas, as Ashley had led her to believe that his father was dead. Laurel later confronts Ashley, but at the mention of his father he gets angry and refusing to discuss the subject, he storms off.


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