Carl tells Max that Tom is frustrated over being unable to get on with his development due to the owner of the access road refusing to sell. Max sees this as an opportunity to get back into his father's good books and heads up to the farm. Max returns and tells Tom that Sandra and Craig Briggs now own the land and Tom tells his son that he wants him to get their signatures on paper. Max clearly feels uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Val is in a state over the bailiffs and she shows Delilah the letter. Val packs her bags with the intention of doing a runner and despite Delilah's attempts to convince her to stay, she insists that she has no choice as she’ll never raise the cash. As she is about to leave, Eric turns up and announces that he has just been given a cheque for £12,000 for a contract. Val hides her bags convinced that she is saved! Elsewhere, the villagers play dirty as they compete to win the £250 prize money for the village fete scarecrow competition.


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