Paddy is informed by the police that traces of Scott’s blood have been found on two syringes, indicating Zoe may have had intent to inject the fated dose of the second syringe. Zoe pays Paddy a visit to find out what he told the police and bribes him with an offer of the vet's surgery. Later, Zoe tells Callum that she is convinced she’s going to prison. Callum holds her and promises he will do anything for her. Elsewhere, Max sets his plan in motion to sabotage Craig and Sandra Briggs’ farm. He gets Paddy to write out a prescription to put in the calves’ feed, then proceeds to dramatically increase the dosage. Also, Laurel tells Ashley of Jasmine’s wishes to stay in the village, but is furious when Ashley is dismissive of her parenting skills and seems reluctant to budge.


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