Zoe fears that Callum won’t help her plan her escape if he finds out Effie is going with her. Effie confronts Zoe about keeping it a secret but they end up sharing a passionate kiss and head upstairs to bed. Back downstairs, Zoe announces to Callum that Effie is going with them as a nanny and, despite the shock, he has no choice but to accept it. Zoe's escape is planned and Effie suggests that it would be less suspicious if she travelled separately with the children in case they are caught by the police. Zoe agrees and it is decided that Effie and the kids will get a plane to Ireland and meet Zoe there. Elsewhere, after a call from Craig Briggs, Paddy and Max rush to the farm to find scores of their calves dying, with many already dead. Paddy digs out the prescription and can’t understand why he would have written such a high dosage. Max feels terrible.


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