Max pays Craig a visit and, confessing him and Paddy were at fault for the dead cattle, tentatively ‘suggests’ that his father may want to buy the land off them. Smelling a rat, Craig heads over to the vets’ and pushes Max up against a filing cabinet, telling him he knows what he's up to. Max goes and tells Tom what has happened and is shocked when Tom proudly tells him he's now a fully-fledged member of the family. Self-loathing, Max struggles to accept he's truly joined the family by his evil deeds. Elsewhere, Jack aggressively tells Zoe that she could have told them that she was selling Andy’s farm from under them. Zoe is dismissive but later goes to Jack's house to apologise. She admits she just wanted a quick sale and tells Jack that she's sure Rodney will make a better landlord than Tom.


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