Zoe leaves a panic-stricken message on Callum’s phone and she is thankful when he eventually arrives home with the passports. Effie gets the kids together and they go to catch their plane, whilst Zoe and Callum head for the boat. They arrive at the marina in Ireland and Zoe waits with anticipation for Effie, Joseph and Jean. She is excited when the seaplane arrives but is stunned when Sadie steps out. Zoe is furious to learn that Sadie and Effie have set her up and that Jean is back at Home Farm. When she hears how much has been taken from her, Zoe catches Effie with a right-hook. Unwilling to be separated from her daughter, a distraught Zoe has no choice but to return home with Sadie. She is forced to sign over Home Farm to the Kings and is beside herself in the knowledge that she can’t escape the trial. Meanwhile, Max feels depressed after his first official working day at King & Sons and tells Robert that he regrets ever setting foot in Emmerdale.


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