It's the day of the trial and Zoe puts on a brave face as Ashley comes over to look after Joseph and Jean. She hugs her daughter and nephew tight as she says goodbye, fearing that it could be the last time she sees them. As the court case commences, Paddy is pacing the floor outside. When the vet eventually takes to the stand, both Zoe and Scott watch with fear and the entire congregation are shocked by what he has to say. The jury give their verdict. Zoe is found not guilty, much to Scott's anger. Later, while drowning his sorrows in the Woolpack, Scott discovers from Betty that Zoe is leaving with the kids. He heads round to Home Farm, armed with a shotgun, and holds Zoe, Callum and the kids hostage, although he lets Joseph go straight afterwards. Viv and Dawn arrive and after much persuasion, Scott backs down. Zoe, Callum and the kids leave Home Farm for the final time, and drive out of the grounds just as the Kings arrive. They stop for a moment and watch as the house explodes right in front of a surprised Tom, Max and Jimmy. Meanwhile, Robert takes Debbie out for a picnic in the countryside, and although she is enjoying his company at first, she becomes uneasy when he kisses her, and runs away. Robert finds Debbie and assures her that he genuinely likes her.


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