Annie sets out to see Matt who is working at another location. Apparently he's had another letter from Dolly and rumours have emerged in The Woolpack that Dolly might not be coming back to Beckindale. That same evening Dolly and Richard meet as planned at The Red Lion in Brassington. A row starts and then Richard explains he's given up the idea of getting their son back because it'll be legally very difficult. Dolly responds to this by warning Richard not to mess around with her life anymore. Little do they both know though that Matt has been informed where they are and he proceeds to Brassington, fitted out in his best suit. At the Red Lion, Dolly and Richard have finished their meal. Richard explains that he'll return to South Africa and start a family. But as they stroll through to the hall, they come face to face with Matt who's just strolling in. Dolly instantly goes to put her arms around him.


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