Andy tells Cain about Robert and Debbie in the hope of a strong reaction but Robert smoothly manages to convince Cain that Andy is simply stirring things up. Later on, Robert visits Debbie and tells her that it’d best if they cool things off, leaving her distraught. That evening Andy sees Cain and Robert having a drink together and tells Cain that he's thicker than he thought. As a fight breaks out, Robert goes outside and Debbie begs him to give her another chance. Spying Andy approaching he kisses Debbie prompting Andy to knock him to the floor. Andy makes it clear his brother has gone too far and threatens to kill him for what he has done. Meanwhile, Tom instructs Max to collect rent from one of his tenants and when he returns burdens him with a stack of paperwork. Max can’t bear it and skives off to get drunk. Seeing his distress, Paddy offers him his old job back at the Vet's.


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  • A French speaking guest at the The Grange B&B is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,890,000 viewers (14th place).

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