After recent events, Jack makes it clear that Robert is unwanted in the village and is so keen for Robert to leave the village that he offers to buy the garage. Robert agrees and meets up with Debbie to ask her and Sarah to leave Emmerdale with him. Debbie is unsure but Robert tells her he loves her and seduces her into bed. Afterwards she agrees that she wants to be with him. Elsewhere, Max confronts his father, telling him that he's sick of being dragged into his sordid schemes after Tom asks him to bribe Councillor Ledbetter for planning permission. Later, Max bumps into Robert, who, having taken his father's words to heart, invites him to leave the village with him. Max returns to his father and agrees to visit Ledbetter with the money and Tom proudly hands over the notes. Meanwhile, Delilah gives Dawn a full makeover and gives her a homemade dress for the lunch with Danny. Paul and Danny laugh at the fact that Rodney doesn’t have a date, so when Delilah turns up with Dawn he is quick to invite her along.


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