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Robert argues with Jack, and Max falls out with Tom, leaving them both more determined than ever to flee the village. The boys become impatient as they wait at Wilson’s corner for Debbie and the baby, unaware than Andy has stopped them en route and alerted Emily about Debbie’s plans to runaway. Emily refuses to allow Debbie to abscond with Sarah and eventually the teenage mum decides to go without her daughter. Debbie meets Robert and explains that they’ll have to come back for the baby. Robert tells her that she’s nothing without Sarah and a devastated Debbie runs off leaving Andy and Robert laying into one another. Max intervenes as the brothers’ fight gets out of hand and he decides to get into Andy’s Land Rover with him. Meanwhile, a raging Robert gets into his own car and aggressively revs the engine. Out of control, he accelerates at great speed towards Andy and Max. Andy’s car ploughs through a wall with an almighty crash, before turning and spinning, landing on its roof. Robert looks back and as he comes to his senses he realises what has happened. He rushes to the smoking wreck but as he attempts to rescue Max and Andy he realises that there’s petrol and it’s going to blow. The Land Rover explodes in to flames. Two of the lads scramble to safety in time but the other does not survive the deadly burning wreckage.


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