Matt proposes to Dolly and awaits her response. Meanwhile, Amos has trouble with writing for the courier.


Sam is furious at the thought of Matt spending the night in a hotel room with Dolly. At The Red Lion, Matt announces his intention to go to bed, but Richard insists on a last drink, after Matt has told them that he's staying at the hotel. When Richard goes off to get the drinks, Dolly and Matt have their first private conversation. Then, with Richard back, Matt grasps the nettle and asks Dolly to come back to Emmerdale and she agrees. Matt then goes off to bed leaving Richard totally confused. The next day in The Woolpack, Amos is fuming as he discovers his article on the play has been reduced to a mere three lines. Amos refuses to give up and announces that he'll give free drinks to everyone connected with the play that night. Matt and Dolly stop on the way back to the farm. And then, before they start off again, Matt at last plucks up the courage to pop the question. Dolly doesn't say no.


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