Paul confronts Val about the missing cash and he tells her that if she doesn’t tell Rodney, he will. Val tries to explain to Paul that Jimmy Pepper was demanding money and that's why she stole the cash, but he tells her straight that if she wants his help she has to tell Rodney the truth. That evening, in The Woolpack, Val approaches Rodney ready to confess, but Rodney now believes it was Paul who took the money. Val tells an angry Rodney that he shouldn’t be making wild accusations about who stole the money, but fails to own up to her crime. Meanwhile, Simon tells Nicola he has a job interview that afternoon but is evasive as to what the job is. Simon later announces to Nicola and Lesley that he has got a job working for King & Sons, but they burst out laughing when he says that he’ll be their bin man.


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