Whilst playing Trivial Pursuit, Laurel tells Ethan that he and teammate Kelly make the perfect match. Ethan finally loses patience with the match-making and in his desperation to reveal his true feelings to Laurel he seizes the moment and kisses her. Elsewhere, Paddy is feeling glum after not having had a response from ‘Fireblade’, who he met the previous day in an internet chat room. Jo overhears and feeling sympathetic sends a reply. After a few messages Paddy feels reckless and invites her on a date. In a panic, Jo tells him she lives in Lisbon. Also, Matthew tells Jimmy that's he just sold the haulage yard for profit. Jimmy reckons they should have sold it ages ago when they had the chance and it's a shame it took Max’s death for Tom to see sense. Matthew can’t believe his insensitivity and suggests he stay well away from Tom.


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