Sadie bumps into Kelly, who is dressed up to the nines for another rendezvous with Jimmy. After Kelly makes a remark about Jimmy, Sadie confides in Matthew that something must be going on between the pair. After calling Jimmy's phone to hear Kelly answer, Sadie rants to Matthew, who suspects she is jealous. Sadie assures him her reaction is just because Jimmy should still be grieving for Max, not sleeping with the village bike. Realising that Matthew is jealous, Sadie reminds him that they agreed not to pursue their feelings. Matthew claims they can’t deny their feelings forever. Elsewhere, Lisa is disappointed to hear that Cain is out of a job and visits Dawn to see if she will consider re-employing him. Dawn explains he can’t be trusted but that she would gladly give Lisa a job at the garage. Lisa accepts the offer, under the proviso that Cain can be her assistant when he returns. Also, Val puts up a recruitment card in the café and when Sandra enquires at the factory she is turned away by Eric due to her lack of seamstress experience. Later Val feels sorry for her and offers Sandra a job regardless.


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