Sam is consumed with fear that Alice may have cancer. Sam and Alice are distracted and in a somber mood as the family looks for treasure underwater. Unable to cope with the weight of keeping Alice's secret from his father, the young couple decide to tell the family their terrifying news. The Dingles are shocked to the core but vow to support Alice as she faces the results of her test the following day. Elsewhere, Laurel and Ashley announce that they are getting married. Betty taunts Edna for believing the worst of Laurel. Laurel and Ashley ask Betty to forgive her. Nicola excitedly starts asking Laurel about her wedding plans. Spurred on by Nicola, Laurel tells Ashley her ideas for a lavish affair, but he insists that he had anticipated something more tranquil. Nicola and Lesley clash over Nicola's poor treatment of Ivan. Meanwhile, Victoria complains that with Jack and Diane away she has nobody to take her to karate lessons. Louise reluctantly agrees, but wishes that Victoria had more girly interests. Steph can't hide her jealousy when Adam's wife Isla visits to finalize their divorce.


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