Adam tries to talk to Steph about the previous night but her embarrassment causes her to be dismissive and he is left frustrated by her barriers. After several attempts to get to the bottom of Steph's behaviour, he respects her wishes when she asks him to leave her alone. Adam's reluctance to fight is proof in Steph's mind that he can’t really be interested in her. Over at the Post Office, Daz dares Kayleigh and Victoria to steal something. Viv catches them red-handed and phones Martin and Louise. When Martin arrives he manages to persuade Viv not to press charges and then accuses Louise of being irresponsible. As the argument gets heated, the sexual tension rises. Meanwhile, Val encourages Del to make a move on Carl in the hope that it will get them a contract with Home Farm. Sensitive to Carl's grief over Max, Del refrains from mentioning curtains and chooses to be his friend. However, Val later drops her in it by telling Carl that Del has a hidden agenda. Del tries to defend herself but Carl is left fuming.


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